Investing in renewables is becoming more and more attractive due to quicker ROI and long term passive income. Tax equity investments for individuals or entities provide a way to offset the tax liability on their profits. Investors can get back 30% of the total investment in the first year. The IRS allows solar equipment to be depreciable over 5 years. This deduction can even further reduce the tax liability during the first 5 years. The revenue generated from the project on either energy savings or solar generation can be a fixed term from 5 years to 25 years.

Tax Equity Investment

Spark Building Energy Solutions (Spark) have projects across the State of Michigan and nationwide.

Here are the steps:

  • Spark identifies the project
  • Shares the project financials with the tax equity investors
  • Spark constructs the project
  • Investor will reap the benefits once the project commissions
  • Spark maintains the project during its life time


Investor can benefit from attractive ROI, passive income after ROI and safe investment.

Spark Building Energy Solutions is looking for such investors. Please reach out to us.