These days, there are many commercials and online ads on No Upfront Cost Solar programs. Many of our existing customers want to know how it works. With 26% renewable tax credit for the year 2020 and energy loans with low interest rates and longer terms, it is now possible with no money down and monthly solar payment closely to your existing electric bill.

Here is an example, suppose the cost of 5KW solar PV system is $17500, then you would take a loan with monthly payment close to your monthly electric bill. The idea is to replace an electric bill with solar PV generation. It may be more during the first year, but you would get 26% tax credit the next year which is equal to $4550. The received tax credit amount should be applied towards the loan and re-adjust the loan terms for an even lesser monthly payment.

Financing may be obtained through our sources, or your (local bank, home equity line of credit, etc.) lenders who know solar.