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Basically every building has expenses, where it comes to energy or not. Many companies such as Michigan Saves, and others, have wanted to or helped thousands of companies invest in something that actually helps them, like improvements that minimize future increases in energy prices.

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy)

Through local governments, PACE is a long-term financing tool facilitated allowing commercial property owners to initiate renewable energy efficiency, energy efficiency, etc, in Michigan. Property owners even receive 100% upfront funding for the upgrades on their properties.

What can I use the financing for?

Financing is used mostly for energy improvements. There are a lot of improvements available like windows, water heater, refrigerators, etc. The most common of the energy improvements provided are insulations, installations of solar panels, new mechanical equipment, etc. Here is a list of eligible improvements.

  • Commercial real estate is business-focused.
  • Requires more capital upfront, and can be a little bit more expensive
  • Valued on the income of an investment perspective
  • Residential real estate is mainly focused on the family of the homeowner and their needs-personal use.
  • Tends to be less complicated overall.
  • Nearly always valued based on comparing to similar residential properties

How do I get started?

Contacting us would be the best way to start. Making sure that you know what exactly you want to be installed, or what type of energy improvement your looking for will give us an estimate of the cost and how much we can help to decrease it.

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