Standby Generators

Home Standby Generators offers excellent backup in the event of power outage. Standby generators are hard-wired to your home and turn on automatically when utility power goes down.  Whole house generators capacity can vary from 14kW to 26kW depending on the size of home and loads.

Price considerations:

  • Complete installation price starts from $10k depending the size of generator and breaker amperage
  • Location of gas meter and electrical meter: If both utility meters are on the same side, the cost of running generator wire is reduced.
  • Mounting Location: Since gas generators produce emissions, there are place requirements from the manufacturer and sometimes from city.
  • Gas connection and meter upgrade: Standby generator is a big appliance and consumes more natural gas. Gas meter upgrade is required in most instance. Home owner needs to submit an application for gas meter upgrade with utility.
  • The installation needs two permits – Electrical and Mechanical

Note: From March 12, 2024, new electrical code will be in effect which may drive cost more due to additional requirements