Frequently Asked Questions

Initial cost of solar is a little high however, due to its long term benefit and energy independence ( no utility bills) it is highly beneficial. The utility electric provider charges are expected to rise 4 time in the next 10 years. Once solar is installed you will never have to pay these inflated charges even after 10 years.

When installed for 100% energy requirement there will be no utility bill (except for utility distribution fee of around $10) when panels provide all the energy. However during winters you may receive a utility bill but it will be significantly reduced as the excess power credit accumulated over the summer can be used.

Michigan Saves is a nonprofit organization that aims to make energy improvements easy and affordable. They offer financing options that allow commercial building owners to take charge of their energy efficiency and renewability projects.

The warranty of solar modules are up to 25 years. 

Building improvements are done to extend the useful life of a building or increase its value or both. Building Improvements include things such as air sealing, insulation, HVAC Controls, Lighting Controls, etc. These are fundamental in controlling the energy consumption of commercial buildings. These investments help prevent future capital costs like re-roofing or excess electrical consumption or heating in winters due to air leakage through doors etc. So overall the future maintenance costs can be prevented by money-saving building improvement techniques.