Spark Building Energy Solutions offers building energy efficiency improvements, installation of solar photovoltaic systems and construction services.

At Spark, we understand energy and how various components of the building behave or interact. We can help your business or home implement energy efficiency upgrades to improve comfort and save energy.

We are committed to energy savings, reduction of carbon footprint and making your building sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Home Energy Saving Solutions

Our BPI certified professional will evaluate your home for energy, comfort and other issues, and provide you a comprehensive report with recommendations and payback analysis. 

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I found where my energy costs are going!

I wanted to take control of my energy use. I came across Spark Building Energy Solutions - an energy audit service company.

- Chitra Suresh

Great Service !

This service pinpointed all the places that needed attention in order to maximize the efficiency of our home. Were looking forward to lower energy costs this year.

- Paul Mccallion

Very Beneficial

Home Energy audit is a valuable service. They helped us direct my money to where it would have the most benefit. Also they informed me of rebate programs available to me.

- Tony Gullitti, Canton Resident

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